I am thinking about Georgia O’Keefe and how she lived her life. How people never really understood her and how in the end it didn’t matter. She seemed tortured by the need to illuminate her inner visions in relationship to existence as it stands. She endured the process and established a new order of art appreciation that is just now starting to be acknowledged. Yes, her work is in just about every major modern art musuem but no one is able to contextualize it. I think this is just great! This means that the new frontier is not external or internal it is in the meeting place of the two that is unquie to each individual. I have been editing my memoir about cancer Armed With Poetry, and I find the process somewhat torturous. I am goin through my journals over the last six years and looking for unfinished thoughts, the places where I get stuck, the condundroms I keep coming up against and see them a oppurtunities to find clarity and to help finish my story. I wonder if this is how Georgia felt when she bought Ghost Ranch? The begining of an epic journey where she could shut out the world as she knew it and started creating one based on Beauty, with a capital “B” one where her vision of reality could not be questioned only enhanced.

2 responses to “Georgia”

  1. Expanding and including. The heart of art. Thank you!

  2. Expanding and including. The heart of art. Thank you Angie!

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