Stumbling through today

While researching inspirations for my new business venture. I came across this quote by my beloved teacher Natalie Goldberg I have not seen before. I don’t know the context in which she wrote or said it but I’ll take it!

It is part of a collection on a website for writers who run. Check it out:


What I want to write is…how lonely it is to try to make change in life. We are all on our own different paths. No one can fully understand how difficult another’s life is. We can’t really even know how we affect others. This morning I meditated with a group of friends on zoom. It felt easy and intense and meaningful all of the ingredients that make my soul sing then I went on with my day trying to take the good feeling with me. That is when the trouble started. Thwarted at every turn. Long story short I get myself to my desk and here I am writing to you and what I want to say is I miss my old life. I miss having my kids close, I miss the daily routine of living along side other parents in a school community. My kids are self-sufficent they can handle their own school life. Now I have to handle my own life. One step at a time. I feel like I am digging myself out of a hole. Somehow in the process of parenting and living through a pandemic I have isolated myself. My only consolation is others must be seemingly alone too. As I sit here, sipping the tea my beloved daughter who is far away in Switzerland gave me this Christmas, it is quite and I spend some time writing and somehow I feel less alone.

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