Divine Distraction Disguised as the Gift of Artistic Lineage.

When I was a little girl I used to call a phone number that had a new recorded story everyday. It was a lifeline for me. I struggled with lonlienss and when a new story became available I found renewed strength and hope. I don’t know how I found the phone number to call or the drive to keep calling everyday but it was a needed and happy distraction, a divine distraction.

Recently, I saw a “for rent” sign on the window of what I knew to be David Whyte’s offices and was distracted to say the least! I know now after several weeks of considering the question: could I make something of this space for rent? I realized I am a writer at heart, I live and breathe stories and I have been kept alive by potery and art especially that of David Whyte. I feel I have been gifted this opportunity to carry on a lineage of storytelling and in order to do this I have to face my self-doubt about who I am and what is possible. I have never owned a business and worry that this is a distraction from my writing. But this worrying is just a mood of procrastination it will pass. The gift that is being presented stays, the gift that begs the question, what do I have to give and what are others wanting to share? I think this space created by an artist whose work has meant so much to me is key to the question of what I have to give. Taking on the potential of making a business of my writing is what seems to be an unwitting gift of my teacher. David Whyte inspires creativity and here I am ready to take the baton. My writing did not start out as a teaching but the oppurtinity has arrived. River Horse Writing Salon is coming out of a lineage tradition. I am curiuos how it will resonate in the world. Stay tuned!



One response to “Divine Distraction Disguised as the Gift of Artistic Lineage.”

  1. Tanya Blair Riebeling Avatar
    Tanya Blair Riebeling

    Can’t wait to see what comes next Angie.

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