Thus and Such Industries, A message from my sponsor.

Are you looking for a remedy for the loneliness that inevitably comes with living a creative life? Thus and Such Industries might have the solution. Thus and Such Industries is the complementation* of your friends Angie and Jim Alkove and their work to bring effectiveness and style to the daily. I hosted a neighborhood writing group on Friday. It went well, all particpants left the Water Horse Writing Studio with several journal pages of prose and an implicit agreement to return next week for another go. Thus and Such Industries aka Jim and Angie is proud to provide a service to local authors and wants to know what other services might appeal to all you creative sprites living among us. Get in touch and give us feedback in the comments. Soon the Water Horse WordPress will have a few new features including a Contact Me page. We’re moving on up… Thanks for reading my posts and joinging me on this journey. Love Always, Angie

One response to “Thus and Such Industries, A message from my sponsor.”

  1. Great stuff Angie!

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