It happens very slowly, then all at once.


We all have a beauty foot and and power foot. I am not sure which one got injured a couple of weeks ago in Costa Rica but I have had to strengthen my power foot since then in order to stand up and move, slowly, into this new year. I’ve had to ask for help repeatedly my ego is not used to this and my sad hurt body doesn’t give a shit. All my asking seems to have made a difference. The retreat center is refunding my money and has apologized. Now the work of strengthening my beauty foot begins. The work of accepting the apology with grace is now my new goal. My tears of pain and disappointment now join tears of gratitude for being heard for allowing myself to move on to trust other enough to walk away, although still limping. God, I am feeling sorry for myself! But pain does that, it is exhausting and invites pity. I don’t know what I hate more pain or pity. It doesn’t really matter and is not that interesting of a question. What is interesting is, how will grace and beauty move through me? What will in attract in others. What will we create together in spite of it all. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Love in this moment and this one…


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