Get yourself into some good trouble, you will have company!

Hello Dear Readers, I am feeling more alive and fiery than ever. My first writing practice group for my Whidbey neighbors is this Friday! A handful of brave souls have signed up and we are going to get right to work. If you are one of these precious souls please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like some support to feel ready to meet and write unabashadly. email me: or text.

As Natalie Goldberg reminds us to go where the energy is or “go for the jugular” when when putting pen to paper I find myself doing this outside of my writing practice as well. My most recent retreat to Costa Rica has me in the thick of the work to understand what it means to live with integrity and to insist upon dignity in my relations. I returned physically injured from an accident at the property I was staying and not treated with respect that I have begun to expect after several years of writing work that has resonated with readers. This makes me believe I need to keep writing keep working for change.

I remember when working with my children’s high-school to bring intergrity to their learning I heard my self saying to the tutor assigned to help, “developing writing skills brings one dignigty” or at least something along those lines. I wasn’t sure if that was true but I was 100% committed to finding out if it was possible for my kids. They needed help reading and writing and when they were offered writing help I knew this was a chance to advocate for personal dignity. Just as when my kids were in kindergarten they were handed knives and vegetables and told to get to work, soup had to be made. It was a little scary but the possibility of empowerment possible was worth the risk. Now, I find myself speaking up for my own empowered dignity. Hurt people need to be helped and all people need to be heard. In this time of new visibility where spiritual teachers and alternative ways are in the spotlight I am here to not let anyone forget about personal dignity and am willing to get into some good trouble to do it!

My Love to All,


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