She is off her meds

I’m guessing if someone were to read my Tarot cards today the fool card would appear. What I have heard about fool card is that the image shows a person walking over a cliff. This might be one of the most freighting images in the deck but also one with the most potential. As a child I often asked “what if?” questions, usually triggered by fear. A category of thinking my DBT instructor might call catasraphizing. How will I know “it will all be ok?” is what I was really asking. The easy answer is that there are no garuntees in life; the real answer is when the inner experience and the outer appearance come into alignment. This brings me to the subject of this post, pyschiatric medications and my experience of using them to treat my depression and anxiety. I have been taking some sort of medication for the last 5 years or so and over the last few months I have been very slowly, under medical supervision, been reducing the dosage. I officaly can say I am not on any medications. I have a whole cadre of supplements I am taking and have perscriptions I can fill if needed but I don’t need them. This feels scary to admit and exciting. I’ve done work to help manage my emotions and to trust my own decisions. I can’t tell you what shift occured that allowed for me to go off the drugs or when I might need them again, but for once it feels like I am living within the laws of physics and am able and willing to catch myself.

The art is from Catrin Weltz Stein. The quality of prints she sells is very good. I just bought her long anticipated Tarot Deck. My first deck. I find her work transcendent

One response to “She is off her meds”

  1. Nothing to hold on to and nowhere to go. The void beckons. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

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