Mystery Memoir – Hola Erika L Sanchez!

Jim recently received a book in the mail that he said he did not order. It sat on the entry table for days before I picked it up and started reading it. Soon I could not put it down. I thought: well, I am writing a memoir and the cover is pretty, the title evocative, what the heck? I’ll read it. I am so glad I did! It was Erika L. Sanchez’s book Crying in the Bathroom. This lady is gifted and fearless. Check her out! I don’t know how her book arrived on our doorstep but the Universe works in mysterious ways. Thanks, Universe, or to a sneaky friend who helped me find inspiration. I will send the book to you if you are curious. Keep the love alive and pay it forward! Put a note in the comments and I will send it to you – for free!

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