Now We’ve Said Our ABC’s…

I woke this morning to slow light outlining the large evergreen trees crowning the South-East reach of Penn Cove everything glistened from the dew that had turned to frost. Nature’s majesty all a splendor. I went to bed with a serious doubt that I would not get a good night’s rest and miraculously the next thing I remember is waking to sunrise on the lagoon outside my little cabin. The morning was completely its Self, not part of a greater day to be experienced just Morning in its essence, round and full and I adhered to it with everyone and everything. Here we are full circle. Thank you for joining me in my healing journey through depression.


Z is for Zero. Zero is traditionally meant to be the digit 0 that represents the lowest possible amount. The Urban Dictionary shares that Zero is also used to refer to a worthless person. Zero comes before everything else. It is associated with the ground. Ground zero is a starting over point. It is ultimate humility. Depression can be a leveling experience. It is something you can only survive. It is akin to emptying out all that we are holding. When we are empty one can see the light of day and disappear again each night.

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