U is for Undone.

There is something I am avoiding about this letter. In past drafts I have forgotten to write an entry for “U” and people would ask “What about U?” and I would hear “What about you?” I would get defensive as say “what about me?” I ended up being ok with not having an answer to either question. I left a blank space to fill for later. It is now later and I will answer the “what about you?” question. I am undone and unfinished, and it really bothers me, but the Universe is also undone and unfinished and some say there is no difference between the Universe and our self. In Michael Meade’s podcast for Solstice, he speaks about the ancient saying “As above, so below” and I wonder how it might explain the mystery of knowing and not knowing all at the same time. Where one incantation ends the next one begins. I wrote a poem about the feeling of seeing something undone.


A favorite cassette tape

Its brown translucent film

Caught mid-song

Piles up

Both ends still thread through

Capstan and pinch



One response to “Undone”

  1. I love this . The tape poem perfectly reflects my own experience off non-done.

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