Letter N

N – is for Negativity. Negative thinking can feel like safety and security. It is a strategy of focusing on the negative aspects of any situation so that whatever good that might also be there is a happy surprise. If one is optimistic then there is always the possibility of disappointment. The idea that “it could be worse” is logic that focuses on the negative. The positive alternative is to feel the wonder of creation. To be open to the mystery “that there is something rather than nothing” elucidates happiness. The spiritual work of John O’Donohue illuminates this type of joyful thinking.

Starting here I want to be loose, open, and interested in the people that join me in writing.

Starting here I want to marvel at the human voice and the color and brightness of eyes listening.

I will pay attention and not hold on to anything because I will miss the next moment.

I will listen, really listen, and will not think about what I will say or my opinion.

I will trust I am where I am supposed to be and that I am safe and loved.

I will keep my pen writing.

I will write what I know and what I want to know.

I will let each word stand on it’s own and not apologize or explain.

I will only respond from my heart or not at all.

I will be honest and let it be what comes.

One response to “Letter N”

  1. Thanks for your words Angie. Provokes some deep thought on how negative mindset limits the possibilities of what can happen in our lives. It’s an easy habit to fall into.

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