ooh la la…

On my daily walks around my neighborhood I am noticing the exquisite state of winter trees. If you look closely deciduous trees glow after their leaves have dropped. Just like the old wives tale that women have a glow to them when pregnant, trees blush with a secret they can not hide. Here is a poem I wrote about trees in their unveiling.

Winter Tree

I am naked

A bare tree in winter

Reaching in all directions

Stretching out

Releasing what I was

Alone in the forest

I get my strength from sap

That rises in the coldest months

From the deepest part of me

I hold up abandoned nests

Exhausted from life

I stand as a gate

Only wind can pass through

I am asleep

Listening to universal dreams

At peace in stillness

Reviewing the year

Grateful to be done

With growing and blooming

By Angie Alkove

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