Whisper Words of Wisdom


B- is for Bedroom. The bedroom is the place of refuge and the ground of defeat. It is the siren song when I lose touch with my soul. It is diametrically opposed in feeling and location to my office where I write. In my house my bedroom and office are parallel to each other. Choosing to go to my desk and write or choosing to retreat into sleep is one of the most important decisions I make in a day.

Standing at the top of the stairs with rooms on either side is a moment of reckoning, a measure of my dis-ease. It takes faith to choose the office, faith that I have something to say, something to bring to the world.

Of course, the bedroom is also a place of pleasure, a vessel for passion and the blessed place of conception. It is a place the heart wants to share.

The writing desk is a place just for me. It is a solitary pulpit where I address myself. It is a place for innermost wishes to be birthed.

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